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The company’s fields of specialty and products include:

    • Design, consultancy and installation of automatic fire extinguishing systems according to Israeli Standard 1596 and Standard N.F.P.A. 13.


    • Installation of fire-extinguishing pumps (electrical or diesel) according to Standard N.F.P.A. 20 – Installation of Pressure Rising Pumps for Sanitary Systems


    • Installation and annual service for fire and smoke detection systems – Low voltage according to Israeli Standard 1220 part 11.


    • Installation and annual service of loudspeaker systems and smoke release systems (blowers, windows, louvers).


    • Testing the water network characteristics and graph drawing by approved laboratory.


    • Prevention, maintenance and routine servicing for systems of sprinklers, pumps and water reservoirs according to Israeli Standard 1928 and Standard N.F.P.A. 25 – Certification by the Israeli Standards Institution.


    • Repair, improvement and return to operation of existing sprinkler systems (including restoration after fire) and adjustment to applicable standards.


    • Issuance of annual intactness certificate for existing sprinkler systems.


    • Installation, servicing and treatment of backflow prevention – certification by the Ministry of Health.


    • Service, maintenance and sales of fire extinguishing equipment and fire-extinguishers according to Israeli Standard 129 Part 1 & 2 and issuance of fire extinguishing approvals.


    • Piping and infrastructure for industrial and commercial buildings.


  • Installation and servicing of automatic fire extinguishing systems in lab chambers, made by LEHAVOT Production and Manufacturing, according to Standard 5356 Part 2 (we are the only certified company in Israel for these systems).

We offer our services to a wide range of businesses and companies, such as Industrial and food plants, businesses (stores and restaurants), hotels, hospitals, universities, warehouses and logistics companies, banks, shopping centers, etc.

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